Me as a soul in the material universe
I prefer seeing myself from the perspective of the soul and all of its parts included in 12 planes of existence. Now, I will leave it to my soul, my higher self, my twin flame, and to my spirit guides to lead me through these lines presenting myself.

I am over eighty million years old, but I am also a soul undergoing a constant process of expansion. My life experience is rich in spiritual lessons that I have gained by incarnating in the material universe and in some of the parallel universes, as well as by staying in higher dimensions under the aegis of my monad. I am aware that my current arrival in the material universe plane or 3D matrix is my last incarnation in the physical plane. I have just come to complete my missing lessons and to do something with the knowledge I have acquired and the experience I have gathered in my life path.

I came into this life choosing my family as well as the circumstances and conditions regarding my birth, growing-up, and course of my life with great care so that I could gradually develop my missing knowledge and skills through the personality of Anita in this plane of existence. There were challenges that were neither pleasant nor beautiful, viewed from the perspective of a person in the material universe, however, during my lifetime as a person, these challenges motivated me to search for and explore the methods to help myself. This is one of the reasons why these events in this incarnation exactly served me as a trigger for spiritual awakening. I have learned not to give up on myself but to search for myself and my knowledge, I have opened up to different ways to help myself, and then, from my self-healing position, to help others as well.

As a soul, I have become full of knowledge and skills that I have acquired and mastered one by one. I can finally understand the extremely important Aha moment i.e., moment of cognition of how wonderful my physical body is, being as valuable as any other parts of my soul in other planes of existence. I suddenly learned how to use the natural predisposition given to me in the material universe, as well as the body composition that supports it, to communicate with the entire universe in my inner silence, and how to make my body, as a sacred temple, be healthy. I have learned how to reconcile the material and spiritual worlds inside me as a soul in the material universe.

My time and space travels are so fantastic that I would use them to visit some not so nice and dear places where energetic blockages were extremely complicated. Therefrom I could reach penetrating insights and draw great lessons, which I was then able to heal and change their timelines. These were significant discoveries and healings that contributed to my ascension as a soul. On the other hand, I would use time travels to perceive the wonderful experiences and memories encountered in my past and future timelines, wherefrom I would take inspiration, serenity, and the beauty of living and existing. I would also use them to meet fascinating spiritual beings and spirit guides of one hundred percent God's light with whom I have built wonderful and nurturing relationships full of unconditional love and support along the way (I will discuss these experiences more freely on another occasion).

Thousands of years ago, I was a high priestess at Lyra Vega, a seventh-density place ruled by miraculous opportunities for powerful creation and unimaginable possibilities of consciousness (from the position of a human in a lower-density material universe, such as the life on Mother Earth). This wise self has brought me a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and inspiration for this present moment inside of me as a soul in Anita as a person. The place where she dwells is magically beautiful and I am sharing this experience with you as much as I can describe it using my current language and vocabulary – it is a place of beautiful lights of existence, wonderful colors of harmony that reigns there, enlightening sounds of the gong I play in an ecstasy of creation, secrets of alchemy and hours of stay in inner silence at a lookout from which a view extends over the city of light at the foot, and all the way to eternity.

As a soul in Anita as a person, I am stirring up inspiration with a desire to awaken her for my highest good in this life. I am looking for ways to achieve this in my plane of existence, but also for other souls in the material universe. It seems to me that my life, planetary and cosmic missions have never been so intertwined and supported in my life course. I feel a strong vibration of creation from the lowest point of the outer universe like never before. The highest vibration comes from the research work I continue through my life journey – how to support the processes of consciousness expansion and ascension to such an extent and in the ways that are acceptable and easily adopted as a common good – as light.

I am leaving Anita as a person to model herself for what is necessary to me as a soul, through development and improvement, since I am aware that I am a God's pure perfection, having brought everything I need with me. I am very satisfied, joyful, and trembling with vibrations because the sense of unity between myself as a person in the material world and myself as a soul and monad is in a complete balance.
Anita Marković