How safe is it to work applying spiritual techniques?

Spiritual work is totally safe provided it is performed by ethical and educated people experienced in guiding you through the processes which require the application of spiritual techniques. Safety is also reflected in your ability to tap into your intuition and allow yourself to find a therapist you can trust so that the process of uncovering the hidden parts of yourself could develop smoothly and safely for you.

People who are motivated to change and face the unhealed parts of their life, who consider work on themselves meaningful and are open to spirituality, energy psychology, or energy medicine, and therefore have a good intention and a pure heart, can be additionally encouraged to make the desired changes in life and enabled to increase their composite vibrations by the application of spiritual techniques.

It is also safe for those who would like to, but feel certain blockages that are not so strong as to prevent them from attempting; therefore, they can allow themselves to open up new vistas regarding life and themselves in it.

On the other hand, it is recommended that people with mental disorders, or those who use drug therapy or are overwhelmed by fears, as well as those who do not believe in energy, God, Source, Universe, universal energy field, or some kind of a higher power or the supernatural, should work on themselves with a psychiatrist or psychotherapist.

Of course, some people find it emotionally difficult to deal with their vulnerable or unhealed parts (which can include various traumas or unpleasant life events) and therefore choose to suppress and forget it. They simply choose (consciously or unconsciously) not to face painful moments again so they believe this is not safe for them. Even in these cases, the situation may change in life when a person experiences something sufficiently strong to trigger the person’s spiritual awakening or which can serve as motivation to do so.
Anita Marković