September 20, 2019
Coping with fear

Each of us has sometimes encountered disturbing contents of recurring dreams that have contributed to carrying feelings of fear and restlessness throughout the day, and perhaps even longer. Is it necessary for fear and restlessness to be our first reactions due to such content of dreams? Is it necessary to cling to fear as our first reaction in this situation, but also in life in general?

What would happen if we could detach ourselves for a moment from the position of fear, if we saw in the disturbing message of our unconscious a signpost for moving through life? How can we even notice if we are doing something on a conscious level, thinking and feeling in a way that leads us through life in order to live up to our full potential? Viewed in this way, it seems completely natural that our superconscious mind, i.e. our superconscious, tries to break through our subconscious or unconscious mind with its messages to our consciousness and teach us what we can change, how to progress, but also in what non-functional we persist.

Then, by all accounts, it depends on our personal power, provided that we do not reject the fact that we truly possess it, what we can manifest in our physical reality, respecting the wisdom that comes from ourselves. This eventually brings us into contact with the miraculous abilities of our mind (unconscious, conscious, and superconscious) which only in a harmonious integration has the influence to lead us, as a person in the material universe, towards our full potential.
Anita Marković