December 31, 2020
Towards New Year Resolutions...

Source: Najmagazin

The time is coming to leave behind everything we were faced with in 2020. We can freely say that it put forward a lot of questions about who we are, where we are going and what we should do, given all the circumstances and challenges that had arisen. All of this and many more things did not make us indifferent but made each of us probably wonder what to do now, how all our decisions and needs ended up, how to choose the right changes for ourselves and how to stay focused on them. The question also arises as to how potent and feasible are all the decisions, which we usually make at every transition from year to year.
I wonder if the situation in which we found ourselves opened up a possibility for us to transcend naturally from the era of information to the era of intuition. All the information that we were surrounded and overwhelmed by, whether we wanted it or not, greatly influenced us and our being, which only wants to be what it really is. How to let our being be? How can it reach and achieve everything it feels it is able to and everything that belongs to it? What would happen if we managed to move away from our current safe patterns of thought and behavior and allow our inner voice and our intuition to guide us? Would that awaken even more creativity inside of us which could make wonders only if we surrendered to it? Can the new global circumstances help us to give birth to all our dormant potentials? Is the world around us safe only because we feel safe within us? In the end, I wonder if this extremely strange and challenging year has awakened our dormant powers inside of us to become the creators who can push our own boundaries.
I dare to think about the new decisions certainly aroused by the New Year's fast-paced appearance. I feel it incredibly important to protect my decisions, more than ever before, from myself and from my own actions that can cause them damage and make them dirty before they see the light of day. I see my decisions as a planted seed that needs to be nurtured on its way to blossoming. I am aware that some of them can be achieved faster, while some of them are more part of a process that again depends on my commitment and engagement. It is certainly not easy to persevere on the path to bring my decisions into life and look forward to them with all my physical senses.
Some of us have had enough of everything, are tired of all the turmoil, and are closer to the idea of giving up their decisions, so they tend to just give in. I think that's just fine. On the other hand, I believe that there are also those who are close to the process of decision-making and realizing their intentions. Here is a suggestion of what can help us on the way to turn our New Year's resolutions into a reality that we will look forward to and in which we will discover good feelings.
- I think it is very important that we make our decisions from the heart. It is the heart that always knows what is best for us. Let's trust our heart and let it guide us.
- Ask yourself which decisions are easier and faster to make, as well as important to be realized, so let their realization naturally increase your motivation to reach those that require more time and perseverance to be finally realized.
- Explore what and how should be changed to make decisions that appeal to you.
- Include in your plan what you are ready to do in the coming period so that your decisions can go from ideas to visible manifestations.
- Consider that we are just people who show our weaknesses and sensitivities. Let it be clear to you how you can stumble on your way to the final realization of your decisions.
- Certainly, ask yourself what is that motivates you not to bow down along the way.
- It would be very nice to respect every decision made on that path and reward yourself for the success achieved. Each award will increase your vibration to persevere to the top prize and to the key decision you have made.
- Look for all possible means that can maintain your level of motivation and focus towards the final goal.
- Let your heart help you in the process of visualizing how you feel when your decisions have already been made. If you perceive them as vital and alive at the very beginning, it is very likely that they will be just like that.

Anita Marković
Anita Marković