A review of the interpretation of one of my dreams

The dream was preceded by:5/8/2016

We are spending the last days of our holiday in nature, sightseeing, gathering more happy family moments. I was thinking about the quality of a relationship on vacation and how much relaxation and stress-free life actually mean. It also went through my head what it all looks like at home when reality occupies our life and imposes its rhythm full of obligations upon us. I wondered if I was too demanding and strict with Lira (my six-year-old daughter) and if my hypersensitivity, due to many tasks and duties, prevented me from maintaining the required attitude, full of love and necessary firmness, towards her.

Dream name: Defense Against a Wounded Cat

I was with Lira. It was evening. I don't remember what happened before. The two of us were going toward the car, and a pregnant cat was approaching us. Her belly was huge and she was very large indeed, like a tomcat with a big head and paws. She had a wound on her back as if she fought against someone. She was approaching very aggressively, defending herself in advance and hissing at us, even though we were walking calmly. I was afraid she would scratch us (I was especially worried about Lira). I was holding her denim jacket and started chasing the cat off with it, while the cat was attacking us all the time.

Impression after waking up from sleep:

Although it seems like an ordinary dream, I was very excited. I was quite disturbed, so I was constantly thinking about the wounded cat. Cats also appeared in my dreams before and I would usually recognize myself in their behavior, but I could not access this dream for a while. I've decided to analyze this dream with my husband.

Dream interpretation including descriptions

I was with Lira (Lira – someone who is going through a demanding period of life, creative and cheerful). It was evening (the part of the day when I am focused on devoting myself to Lira, putting her to bed, our bedtime reading ritual as well as the time after which I can dedicate a little bit to myself and my needs). I don't remember what happened before that. The two of us were going towards the car, and we were intercepted by a pregnant cat (a pregnant cat – a cat that is to be a mother, which is vulnerable and sensitive; a new period of life is ahead of it). Her belly was huge and she was very big herself, like a tomcat with a big head and paws (her size, like big tomcats, reminds me of how important and big the cat is). She had a wound on her back as if she had a fight with someone (that wound on her back is in a very awkward place, damaging her vital organ, which makes her sensitive, frightened, and constantly suspicious of an attack). She was approaching us very aggressively, defending herself in advance and hissing at us, even though we were walking calmly (once so badly injured, the cat is afraid of that happening once again, so she attacks out of fear). I was afraid they would scratch us and especially worried about Lira. I was holding her denim jacket (something that serves to protect her against the cold, it's stiff enough, but not too much and by swinging it I could keep the cat at a safe distance) so I started to chase the cat off with it, while she was attacking us all the time.

Dream bridge:

(This is the most important part of the analysis where I bridged the obtained descriptions of the content of the dream, i.e., linked it with a real-life situation. I observed the obtained description in a metaphorical way and connected them with real life, according to which I have drawn conclusions successfully).
I am alone like that pregnant and wounded cat. First of all, I am still suffering from the injuries that occurred in an earlier period of my life, which were so bad and of vital importance to my life – like the cat's wound on her spine i.e., a vital organ. As the pregnant cat, I am "pregnant" in my life and I am facing situations that should bring me a new life, both business and private. Living in such conditions can be stressful and exhausting. Afraid of being in a situation similar to that in the past, I often keep my guard up as a defense mechanism to defend myself from potential dangers. I can get hurt by such behavior in the present real life, but so can my daughter Lira. That's why I used Lira's denim jacket in my dream, which means something that can defend me pretty well against such (my) behavior. By using that jacket, I will not endanger that wounded and pregnant cat inside myself, but I will threaten it with something that is excellent protection, it is stiff enough but also flexible when swung, and I'll let her know she should give up attacking. To overpower the cat, I need to be firm and flexible at the same time (just like Lira's denim jacket). This means that my attitude and approach towards the inner sensitive aspect of my personality should be adjusted so that I could prevent it from coming to the fore when unnecessary, or accept it when necessary.


By keeping such a vulnerable aspect of myself aside, I can only improve my lifestyle and behavior. In fact, at the present moment, here and now, I am definitely not threatened by any danger that could hurt me in the same way as it used to be. This means that it is preferred that I give up on the old behavior patterns and the aggressive way of self-defense as a precaution. If I am behaving currently in such a way, it can be dangerous not only for myself but also for my daughter. By such modeling, I can teach her wrong that showing aggression is a way to deal with life situations. It would certainly "hurt" her and teach her to behave in the wrong way when she feels scared or stressed in life.
A counterbalance is a new decision I have made to abandon the old manner and pattern of behavior. At the same time, it is important to me to respect and appreciate my inner sensitive aspect by verbalizing what bothers or scares me at important moments, which will additionally enable me to better set boundaries for myself and toward others, but also to teach my daughter that she can do the same when she needs to. I no longer need my old behavior pattern, nor is it functional – it used to serve the purpose of self-defense, but today it is outdated.
My new decision would be to strengthen my creative approach, release the inner energy of expressing emotions openly, which will result in my relaxation and changing the outdated self-defense mechanisms when I do not need it. If I view Lira as a part of me, my new decision can help me develop the full potential of serenity, creativity, and positive energy inside me; therefore, my aggressive precaution arising out of my fear of injury is no longer welcome on my path.
Anita Marković