My ThetaHealing Experience

ThetaHealing is a relatively new method designed by Vianna Stibal, an American healer, in the 1990s. As it usually happens, personal problems can provide additional motivation encouraging people to find a way to help themselves heal. That's what happened to her as well. I will not write about Vianna and her life here, as you can find it depicted in detail in her books. So I would like to express my sincere gratitude for this technique of spiritual healing developed by Vianna and for her comprehensive contribution through written materials and trained instructors who further pass on her ideas and methods of work.

My husband and I were lucky that our instructor, Aneta Dimitrovska, a selfless woman of a warm and benevolent heart, was the one to teach us this method of spiritual healing. I still remember my initial seminar and the different emotions going through me. On the one hand, I felt my heart chakra expanding and bouncing with excitement and pleasure as if listening to something I already knew. On the other hand, contaminated by my own negative beliefs and the impacts of negatively polarized consciousness, the collective belief matrices of my spiritual ability reached their limits. I remember that it was so hard for me, that I left the seminar feeling very unhappy and dissatisfied. Yet, I was not discouraged, mostly because of the experiences provided to me by spiritual healings. I continued to face the challenge and started the process of cognitive work on myself, by learning and reading, attending seminars, and working in group processes, as well as individually, through a lot of meditation and discovery.

In my opinion, the ThetaHealing method has provided a great way to find and become aware of the negative blockages contained in our negative beliefs or programs, attitudes, emotions, and traumas we have experienced during life, or – more precisely –  in the life course that encompasses all experiences we, as a soul, remember on our path from the moment of creation. Scientists are increasingly interested in solving this mystery (observed from the physical plane) and they have come up with the hypothesis, which may be proven as time passes, that the parts of our DNA, called junk DNA for long, are the parts that actually contain this information regarding the experiences and true identity of who we are at the soul level.

How much a person can penetrate and reach this information and take a peek into their historical data related to the life course of their soul actually depends on many factors, primarily on the number of unconscious blockages which the person was born with and lives their current life in the material universe. It was an important moment for me and my journey when I realized that ThetaHealing provides a tool enabling me to get rid of these blockages and re-create the conditions I have willingly chosen, descended into the physical plane bringing them with me, and been born here in my present life.

As the case is with everything in life, it takes a long time to destroy all our blockages. There are really a lot of them, but the process is not impossible. On this path, we simply learn to be patient and that the right things happen to us only when we are ready for them. In Theta Healing, it is important to understand that there are no bad treatments. The obstacles hindering our healing process actually include our blockages and the scope of their impact that we face during their removal. Each treatment brings healing to a specific segment or pattern that has been worked on. If we want to feel the efficacy and changes more strongly, we need to pay more attention and devote time to this goal. As life is a complex flow, if we want to heal as much of it as possible, we simply need time, dedication, work, and goodwill.
Anita Marković