Dear visitors,

Regardless of whether you are visiting my website by chance or upon a recommendation, I am glad and grateful for it anyway. I would like you to read this text before we continue getting to know each other so that we could develop our relationship with mutual understanding and trust in good faith or we could accept that we are two worlds apart being aware that we are human beings of different worldviews.

I sincerely and deeply believe that what I do is meaningful and I always do it with good intentions and a pure heart. Nevertheless, my experience tells me that working with people is an exciting adventure, where, besides ups and success, we can also encounter failures and downs, and in such latter situations a person can feel vulnerable and hurt. Also, some of the things I write about and apply in my work are not recognized and accepted by conventional science, medical and psychotherapeutic practice, including some religious teachings, at this time, so it can be a problem for someone, they may be hurt or offended, or even triggered by fiery emotions or aggressive reactions. Since this is none of my intentions at all, I have chosen this text to serve as a mutual safety zone, and, if necessary, a peaceful demarcation and divergence in choices, attitudes, and views of the world.

I have designed my website as a portal through which I will be able to express my experiences of working on myself, but also the methods I have mastered to work with others. For a long time now, I have been feeling the need to share my knowledge, insights, and experiences. I have concluded that different methods and approaches speak the same thing, but only their languages differ. Therefore, I have a strong need not only to advocate one of the methods as the most correct, but to choose to be open and use the knowledge of each of them and what I believe they can offer as their specificity, so when combined they can create a great platform that takes an even deeper and stronger approach to a chosen topic of work. I realized that the form of a website was ideal for me to present what I am and what I do, so I let myself edit it in the way that best suits my sensibility, knowledge, and insights at this particular moment.

Working on this material, I have opened some new chapters of self-understanding and understanding of life, my attitude towards it, and my experience of our powers to incorporate changes and adjust ourselves to our life course. I realize that this website may be just one of my first steps to reaching the goal I met on my way.
As I sincerely want you to be safe and protected in every life situation, I would like you also to understand my need to protect myself. The legal forms that usually serve this need can often sound cold and too formal (at least it sounds that way to me), so I have chosen to express some of such content in a way that I believe is warmer and less formal (which should be offered by this welcome letter). I hope it will not sound repulsive to you, or hurt you because that is not my intention at any point.

If you want to get familiar with the legal content including the conditions for using my website, you can read them here. In addition, if you notice any content that you believe may be subject to certain copyright restrictions, or goes beyond fair use, or does not adequately state an attribution or quotation, please contact me using the information provided on the website and draw my attention to it. I highly respect everyone's contribution and, if there is a dispute regarding some written or visual content on my website, I will do my best to resolve it in a mutually acceptable way as soon as possible – I certainly do not want anyone to be hurt or cause any damage.

If you decide to continue using my website and declare that you have voluntarily set aside enough time to read and understand the legal and, above all, human nature of the content of the Terms of Use and the Disclaimer, thereby accepting their legally binding aspect, you are sincerely welcome to my website.

Your perception of yourself and your surroundings is what makes you special and unique, so I can only support you to follow your heart in your assessments and decisions. My warmest recommendation is not to give up your intuition and impartial critical observation – check everything you find on my site and compare it with other sources and authors. Allow your exploratory spirit to take you where it feels is needed. Someone's authority or appeal of content is not necessarily a guarantee of reliability or your unconditional trust. Everything you encounter in your life is sacred and says something about you, but it is not necessarily formulated, communicated, or done in the highest and best way so I think it is important that you figure it out.
I sincerely recommend this space and the words in it to:

  People with an open heart that immerse themselves in self-improvement and work on themselves by choosing an approach that suits their sensibility best;

  Those of you interested in experiencing the work focused on one of the methods I apply, or in an integrative approach going slowly through several methods at the time;

  The explorers who dare to let their guard down before prejudices and negative beliefs and let themselves be introduced to self-improvement and self-development approaches in a way which may be different from what they have opted for so far;

  Those of you who have a thirst for knowledge about themselves and their souls.
I hope that on my website you will find something you believe can communicate with your soul in the right way. If you find your drive and get motivated to do something good for yourself – the better. I sincerely wish you a very warm welcome to my website.

With love,

Anita Marković
Anita Marković