Artwork by Nebojša Petrović

Ani (Anita) + Ma (Marković) = Anima (Soul) + Mašta (Imagination)

It took me a while to decide what I wanted to be the next step in my professional life. It wasn’t easy to make such a decision. It was decisional procrastination. A lot of consideration and reconsideration, dreaming and analyzing, but also many life signs that I came across, caused me to make up my mind and embark on a career in which I will depend on myself, my own work, and engagement.

I took into account all my previous professional experiences, got myself visualized on some similar occasions at the workplace and I could not find my place anywhere. It was just necessary to accept the change in myself and adjust to my new priorities and affinities in life. Having realized this, I was able to make a clear distinction between my past selves in similar situations and my present self, I actually admitted to myself that I wish to evolve in a way that I create myself, and then I was able to accept the idea of my new professional identity and to make a firm decision. I have reached the maturity to rely on myself entirely. Having reached a firm decision, with my husband’s help and support, my AniMašta story could start to develop.

How I see the mission of my work through AniMašta:

• Encouraging others to personal growth and development;
• Motivating others to start the consciousness expansion process;
• Encouraging others to spiritual awakening and development;
• Helping others to raise awareness;
• Providing people with help and support on the journey in search of their qualities forgotten or suppressed by the burden of circumstances;
• Spreading positive energy;
• Knowledge transfer to those in need;
• Sharing warm words, empathy, compassion, understanding, and love.

Interacting with people in search of changes, I feel free to learn and develop, even more, to explore myself and allow myself to grow, improve, expand my consciousness and realize my needs for progress and development both as a therapist and as a person/soul, to let myself be open to direct the built-in knowledge towards new projects in which I can further expand my mission and get to know its aspects.
Anita Marković