Blockages in the way

This is a quite complex issue. I have noticed that blockages can be manifested not only concerning the spiritual work using ThetaHealing and Timeline Healing techniques but also about yoga, changes in diet that persistently causes digestive problems, smoking cessation, as well as in any other aspects of life and challenges we all meet.

I see a spiritual journey as a process in which we are all present as souls, regardless of whether we are actively engaged in working on ourselves using spiritual techniques or psychotherapeutic modalities, or we have never decided to work on ourselves in these ways. Actually, our life experiences in the material universe are excellent and largest training grounds for spiritual growth and development. By additional guided work on ourselves, by selected techniques and methods, the process of our learning along the path is just facilitated and accelerated, raising the level of awareness, so that we can be currently present at the most authentic eternal moment possible and be autonomous as persons and souls. Here is a list of the blockages most frequently encountered in our spiritual paths:

  1.    Beliefs in various types of illusions and attachments to material things
  2.    Bad habits and addictions
  3.    Poor nutrition
  4.    Irregular or unconscious breathing
  5.    Negative emotions
  6.    Negative thoughts and key negative programs
  7.    Stress, anxiety, and waste of energy
  8.    Negative environmental factors
  9.    Negative karma
10.   Resistance

To make it easier for you to understand blockages, as well as how negative beliefs, under the influence of various blockages, can prevent us from living our lives to the fullest, I will list only some of the many programs I have encountered in my work on myself and others:

  I must live in the belief (in an illusion) that spiritual work is permitted to/reserved for the people who practice yoga/monks from Tibet/Christian novices in cells and monasteries.

  I must be afraid of spiritual work because I believe it is not accepted by religion/church//it is heresy//that I can be punished by God for that.

  Spiritual work is dangerous and brings misfortune and suffering.

  I must be attached to the material universe and believe that everything around me includes only what is visible to my physical senses.

  If I am engaged in spiritual work, I must believe that I will be in contact with supernatural phenomena/powers that are dangerous and terrible/that can destroy me/cause me to lose my mind.

  I am afraid of change.

  I must be afraid of my spiritual growth and development, because if I change, my dearest ones will not love me anymore.

By our souls descending into the material universe, our consciousness vibrations are being lowered and the density of the dimension in which we reside is being changed. Thus, the third density had reigned on Mother Earth for a long time, and recently the Earth has risen to the fourth density. Just like every soul expands in time and space by insights and improvements in its course of life, so does Mother Earth need to ascend and expand. By our ascension and consciousness expansion, we actually help Mother Earth to ascend as well. When lowering our vibrations of consciousness, we willingly decide even on what experiences we as personalities will go through on the physical plane. In fact, it means that we can choose everything about our life we are currently living.

When we, as personalities in the material universe, go through low vibration experiences, such as trauma and unpleasant emotions, through dominating negative feelings of suffering, anger, fear, hatred, sadness, guilt, and many others, we often wonder why all of that is happening to us. In fact, every life situation, no matter how dramatic or difficult it is, brings us specific experiences that we have come for. Thanks to these experiences, we learn about ourselves as souls – what it is that we no longer want to be a part of our identity, but also how we can rise above the things that suit us no longer, whereby we are actually striving for change and liberation.

We all strive for happiness and satisfaction, for a joyful and rich life full of love. Our blockages prevent us from anchoring these divine and beautiful feelings. Some of them are conscious so we can deal with them more easily. However, unconscious blockages represent a challenge for exploration, detection, raising awareness, release, and replacement of the programs, which can be useful to us in an enlightened way.

In the course of our lives, we as personalities encounter various blockages, including exactly those chosen at the beginning to be experienced by ourselves, which can be resolved and eliminated thanks to our work on self-improvement, either by conventional methods or by spiritual techniques or integration. There is the beauty of working on yourself underlying this possibility. However, to remove one’s own blockages is a process. Along this path, you need to know the difference between the crises you are currently undergoing, due to various triggers or activation of your unhealed past selves, and your new self striving for change and consciousness expansion, holding the steering wheel of your life by this very aspect of self, eager to learn and change.

Now I can freely say that my spiritual work is permeated with great interest in discovering and resolving these unconscious negative blockages at different levels of existence. I am captivated by the concept of discovering programs and classifying them according to the significance and depth of commitment. This is a huge and special topic, so I will discuss it on another occasion.

I have presented an overview of blockages and their impacts on our lives as well as everything mentioned so far because I need you to understand the complexity of dealing with different types of blockages through working on yourself. It is not my intention to frighten or discourage you – on the contrary, I need and want you to understand that the process of uncovering and cleansing takes time. This process, as I can see it with my present consciousness, is bringing more and more light into our lives by uncovering and cleansing. Some blockages are smaller in volume and intensity, so it will not take long to feel and see the change, while some of them can require a more demanding and comprehensive process.

My governing idea is to be consistent with learning about myself through confrontation and revelation. According to my personal experience, my life has become by far easier, more complete, and more fluid since I got actively engaged on my spiritual path of ascension. I wish my words could serve you at least as a small incentive to persevere on your path, whatever you do or whatever method or technique you use, being aware of the current blockage indicating only what is to be resolved next. Good luck!
Anita Marković