CTA Psychotherapy Diploma

When the process of my TA adventure began, I had no idea that it would take eight years or that I would face challenges that could redirect me on my way and prevent me from remaining persistent in the process of learning and changing myself as well as from consistently pursuing my goal. Actually, I did not know how much I cared to persevere, to be committed and organized, to take every step on the way to my goal with great patience. Now I am grateful to all the educators, especially to my chief supervisor Barbara Repinc Zupančič and co-supervisor Karolina Jovanoska, and the TA training process because I have learnt a lot about myself and realized the strength and beauty of my virtues along the way. As time was passing by, and the process was nearing its end, I was getting more and more ready. Then, even the coronavirus epidemic sweeping Europe could not stop me or prevent me from arriving at Rome, from defending my paper and crowning it with praise and a diploma. Today I am celebrating my courage, readiness, and positive vibration that led me to my final goal.
Special educator diploma
It was as if I had been born again when I started my university studies. If nothing else, I finally did away with math, which I am not quite good at in this life. Although my work and commitment during my studies satisfied the academic requirements easily, deep down I was going through internal processes and great crises. The culmination occurred at the moment I became a grad student with only four exams and a thesis paper left. I took a break of two years, which at the time seemed like I was off my course so that it was the end of my journey. Then the war broke out in 1999. Fortunately, a serious crisis in my country woke me up. I became active again and started working very hard, highly motivated to complete my studies. A university diploma was my first significant acknowledgement that brought me a sense of pride. As the first one in my family who achieved such success, I also helped my family share a sense of pride with me.
Dream Analysis Diploma

All my life I have been wondering what dreams can tell me. They have always been important to me. And then I came up with the idea of working on myself through the dream analysis with Dr. Ivan Nastović. I actively remember and record my dreams, so now my collection is really rich and contains over 5,000 records. I have been developing my technique through the writings of Dr. Gayle Delaney – a woman who received a lifetime achievement award in the field of dream interpretation in the USA. This fantastic and charismatic woman has become my educator. Yes, dreams come true. I entered the process with great dedication and willingness to learn and master her interview method and with a lot of work, analysis, writing, and making conclusions and new decisions I got a diploma. Besides, I have gained fantastic experience by working and socializing with Gayle. I have learned that working with people can be open, confiding, and spontaneous.
Yoga Instructor Certificate

Yoga is a love that has been present in my life for a long time. I had a lot of prior knowledge, I read a lot of related literature, and attended many private classes. I thought it was just enough for me since I was a great yogini. However, I was challenged by my dear holistic colleagues from the Maya Academy. With a little hesitation, I made the decision easily and quickly. Although I was aware that my work orientation was completely different, the yoga instructor school brought refreshment and inspiration to me, in addition to new knowledge and skills. The Holistic team showed me how a school can be run in an organized, dedicated, and relaxed way. It is a really good thing to be a licensed yogini who knows how to use inner silence.

Being attracted by the supernatural and transcendent since childhood, I opted for several individual sessions of spiritual healing by ThetaHealing. I had a strong feeling that this process provided me with insights, knowledge, and healing, so I wanted to master this technique myself. I just listened to my intuition. I was lucky to be taught and trained by another dear and charismatic woman – Aneta Dimitrovska. I am very grateful that she was my teacher who gave me the basis for understanding theta techniques, their possibilities, and a powerful "digging" tool, which is, in my opinion, an exceptional method to explore unconscious blockages and systems of thoughts and beliefs, as well as to understand and release them and find most suitable replacements.
Timeline Healing

As spiritual knowledge has become highly ranked in the hierarchy of my interests, it is quite natural that I am getting surrounded by teachers who can offer me more and more, thus successfully quenching my thirst for knowledge, methods to remove blockages, and, above all, self-healing processes. Sal Rachele is a great teacher whom I first met through his books and then we met in person at his workshops, seminars and individual sessions. I am immeasurably grateful.
Soul Realignment

It was not by accident that Andrrea Hess walked into my life as another spiritual teacher on my path of development. I got immediately attracted because I use the knowledge offered by the treasury of the Akashic Records myself. The way in which she has designed her modality has provided me with the knowledge that completely fits into my so-far work applying spiritual techniques of energy healing. In addition to having done a lot of work on myself, through Soul Realignment I have discovered more blockages and limitations that directly obstruct my path to the free flow of vital energy and alignment with my divine soul blueprint. I am grateful to Andrrea for her systematic approach, and for sharing knowledge and experiences as well.
Anita Marković