Soul Realignment

By now, it is already quite clear that I see myself as an integrative therapist, so my interests in gaining insights and knowledge are infinite. It is no coincidence that I was guided by an innermost feeling to become more familiar with Soul Realignment as a modality completely complementary with my so-far practice. Once we engage in spiritual research, we are naturally faced with new challenges. Then we become interested in how to help ourselves to raise the vibration of consciousness and the flow of our vital energy.

For a while now in my spiritual practice, I have been dealing, in my own way, with the reading of the Akashic Records, the unique information centre of the entire Universe. The term "Akasha" means "ether" in Sanskrit, while it means "heaven" in Hinduism, and the closest modern definition would be the Internet and only on a spiritual/energy level. Soul Realignment is another intuitive healing modality that uses the Akashic Records to unlock our potentials, to identify and cleanse our negative karmic patterns that have remained at the soul level. What is even more interesting is that through these readings a person as a personality in the material universe can become acquainted with his/her identity as a soul, and knowing our divine soul blueprint can help integrate this knowledge into our human experience.

The special value of this technique lies in the ability to group energy blockages and limitations in the form of negative karmic patterns with the consequences they have left on our light energy field and the divine soul blueprint. This opens up the possibility of a broad intervention during the healing process, in addition to connecting experiences, life lessons, and stories from past lives with the blockages that affect our lives now.
Anita Marković