Call of my soul

By profession, I am a special educator, dream interpreter, and psychotherapist who has enough knowledge and experience to help people overcome difficulties in their lives. On the other hand, these approaches could not completely resolve some energetic blockages recurring in my life. For me, it was a trigger to open up and look for some complementary ways to further help myself and find the solutions I could not find either in the school system or in the education and training programs or various specialization courses, or by working on myself with other therapists of standard psychotherapeutic orientations.

In the course of my life, a path has opened leading me to spiritual techniques, healing through meditation and energy medicine, learning how to listen to my higher self, clearly and correctly understanding the inner voice of God within me and the channeling process. This exactly has enabled me to get incredible insights and spiritual experiences through which I could acquire a deeper knowledge of myself, in a wider sense of what I represent as a person in this material universe. Without any intention to sound pretentious, a fantastic transformation has begun in my life leaving no room for negativity, repetitive exhausting contents, people draining my emotional energy, for being unaware of the causes of challenges in my life, and for being stuck by resistance to change, etc.

The power of transformation through understanding and perceiving the higher functions of what is happening (and why), as well as through raising my consciousness and vibration, contributed to that I have started using my life at the level of where I want to go as a soul. I have not only been exploring further my soul’s plan, but also what I, as a person with my skills and abilities, need to do and create to help my soul, during its stay in this material universe, reach the exact destination where it wants to move and expand, in the easiest and fastest way possible. Being in contact with my soul’s desires has brought me a deeper meaning of this life, being aware of who I am, as well as a burning desire to create in line with the needs and wishes of my soul. It is a very nice feeling to be on your soul’s path, to respond to its calls and, as a person in the physical body, to be one with your soul – to be in harmony on all the levels of existence in time and space.
Anita Marković