How to remember your dreams?

🌸 Motivation and little effort
🌸 Notebook + pen or sound recorder
🌸 The day before, write the date and daily notes down, and when you wake up, record anything that is in your mind in your notebook.
🌸 If you can't remember your dream, write down your thoughts at the moment of waking up from sleep – create a habit of writing.
🌸 After waking up, do not rush, think backward, and ask yourself: “What is going through my head? What are these feelings? What am I thinking about right now?”
🌸 Write down short fragments of your dream as well – it improves recollection, and you may remember another part of the dream.
🌸 Be in touch with your feelings upon waking up, this can revive a memory of your dream.
🌸 Stay still for a moment; if nothing happens, move to your favorite sleeping position – this can stimulate and evoke a memory of your dream.
🌸 Delay turning on the radio, TV, or checking the phone – these are distractions.
🌸 It is best to wake up without an alarm clock.
🌸 Don't let unpleasant dreams discourage you from remembering night adventures.
Anita Marković