How to Achieve Self-realization

When a person is genuinely interested in embarking on the yoga journey of self-realization and self-awareness, they create opportunities to uncover their blockages and, over time, they are increasingly illuminating the impurities that need to be removed, purified, and destroyed so as to reveal the true consciousness i.e., awareness (chit). What prevents us from attaining true consciousness are our negative programs and thought patterns, negative thoughts, dysfunctional premature decisions, negative emotions, and the traumas we have experienced in our soul lives.

The first step to achieving change can be through education, courage to move on the path of self-awareness and face our inner contents and developmental deficits, through a psychotherapeutic process. This is how self-realization occurs at the personality level. Therefrom, a person takes big steps towards getting to know himself/herself and his/her soul, since self-realization at the personality level allows the person to perceive and experience the rich inner world of feelings, impressions, prejudices, and experiences brought from all his/her lives including this one here and now. By becoming aware of these contents, by being ready to view them from a metaperspective, and by removing them through the processes of cleansing, decreating, and releasing, the person raises his/her own vibration of consciousness and reaches the spiritual level of self-realization.

As the yoga sutra of Patanjali implies that consciousness is incapable of self-awareness, I can conclude that it is important for a person to overcome the blockages of his/her own mind and ego and allow his/her mind to be a partner of the light of his/her soul on the path of his/her spiritual level of self-realization.

My path has gone in the direction of applying spiritual healing techniques that help me to definitely approach the blockages standing in my way as an obstacle preventing me from self-realization, to be able to face them, to learn what I need from them thus helping myself as a personality/soul. We have all been heading to the same place and we will all reach self-realization. The only difference is how consciously we will traverse our way to it.
Anita Marković