Consciousness expansion

Methods for spiritual growth and development (ThetaHealing & Timeline Healing) use meditation and entering theta brain waves so that purified insights and knowledge can be accessed from deeper levels and without the interference of ego and 3D consciousness. In this way, unconscious blockages are discovered in the form of feelings and negative programs or beliefs created in the backgrounds with a large negative energy charge or trauma. These negative energy blockages unconsciously bind us to our old models of functioning. By spiritual techniques, an individual becomes aware of how the points of negative energy charge have contributed to the development of specific programs. Uncovering and releasing programs, and then replacing them with positive programs and enlightened knowledge, contribute to the process of consciousness expansion.

Spiritual methods use energy as their field of work. Our feelings are magnetic; therefore, we attract what we feel. Our thoughts and beliefs are of electrical nature, thus, together with our feelings, they create an electromagnetic field. The overall result is actually our light energy and information field. On the one hand, it is filled with the contents we brought into this life, and on the other, we are constantly filling it with new contents following what we live in this life, which includes our feelings and beliefs, or, popularly speaking, programs about ourselves, others and the world we live in. Depending on the process of self-work and cleansing or removing unwanted blockages from this field, we create a possibility to change the energy in our field. As a result of this work, this process raises the vibration of our consciousness.

Spiritual development is a journey, which means it is a process. Thus, the effectiveness of work through unconscious blockages cleansing implies the efficiency compared to the amount of work done. Even by applying the work only once, this method leads to changes in beliefs, releasing a part of the blockages and the accumulated negative feelings from a specific field that was affected, which further brings progress and change. However, if we imagine this light energy and information field as a huge bubble, one work session and the insights gained during it constitute only a small part of the whole picture.

Sometimes this "small part" means a big thing to someone, primarily because the field affected by this work becomes really healed. However, if observed from a metaperspective, by becoming aware of this small part we actually get the opportunity to see the next level of the unenlightened and the unconscious from the conquered point of the enlightened, which directly connects us with the truth that the spiritual path is a process. The more we deal with ourselves, the more powerful we are, being able to enlighten more of these unconscious negative parts of our field. The direct benefit is an increasing change in the vibration of our light, energy, and information field. Thus our consciousness expands as well as our vibrations as personalities and souls in this material universe.
Anita Marković