Maya Holistic Academy

Life and my craving for group yoga practice have resulted in finding myself in the Maya Holistic Academy. I understood their philosophy and the promotion of a healthy, balanced and responsible life. I was attracted by the fact that a holistic/comprehensive approach to health can be found in one single place. Naturally, this perception anchored me in finding my purpose in attending yoga classes, as I myself believe in a holistic way of life, striving to achieve physiological, psychological, and social balance in life.
As it usually happens in life, meeting Maja in an individual yoga class was a coincidence, when a magical exchange occurred bringing us together. The ideas on cooperation were born, based on our common views of life. The events developed even further when I attended and completed the two-year yoga instructor training program with my favorite holistic team. I am happy and grateful that, together with the Maya Holistic Academy team, I can contribute to developing self-responsibility and raising the awareness of those who are motivated and open to finding harmony and balance in themselves and their lives.
Maya Yoga School Belgrade
The Maya Holistic Academy aspires to become one of the highly specialized yoga schools with a fantastic organization and comprehensive training and atmosphere offered to their attendees. With exceptional leadership and excellent cooperation with other trainers, the school’s attendees are enabled to enter the world of yoga, which will definitely change their lives forever. This yoga school helped me raise my understanding of asanas and yoga class dynamics to an even higher level, discover how I can change the poses that are more challenging for my physical body at the moment, improve breathing techniques and expand the set of asanas used, accept my current limitations, get ideas about a healthier lifestyle and many, many more. This is my heartfelt recommendation.
Anita Marković