My Timeline Healing Story

Timeline Healing (TLH) is a spiritual method shared with us by Sal Rachele, a man who appears as a person full of miraculous knowledge in the roles of teacher, priest, and author of books, but also as a spiritual healer, psychic, and channel that fluently channels the knowledge and messages of spiritual entities and spirit guides. The most famous are his speeches through his twin flame Leah, as well as through other high vibration beings, such as the Founders, members of the Galactic Confederation, and the Arcturians.

ThetaHealing and TLH use theta brain waves. For an individual to be able to activate theta brain waves, it is actually necessary that they close their eyes and immerse themselves into inner silence and meditation. Both methods apply their guided meditations for introducing the individual to a state wherefrom they can be further redirected to the scenes or fragments of their life journey. So, the working principle is very similar or, more precisely, compatible with ThetaHealing, therefore, I would like to thank Sal since he has allowed us to incorporate and integrate our previous knowledge into the knowledge acquired at his seminars.

Guided by a desire and knowledge that will further expand my spiritual understanding and experiences, the path has led me to Sal's books, and later on to his workshops and seminars. In fact, I was ready for my spiritual growth. My meditations became deeper, and my consciousness was expanding more and more by visiting different timelines. Not only was I able to ensure my energy blockages release, but also to gain specific knowledge and downloads, precisely tailored to my current vibration of consciousness each time.

Thanks to being dedicated, committed, consistent in performing spiritual practices, and research work on myself as well as on others, I was getting more and more in direct touch with the work which I have ever wanted to do, which I do not find arduous but fulfilling, and which makes me energetic and enthusiastic. Finally, it has become the work I indulge in with time and space literally disappearing.
Anita Marković