Why Dreams Are My Personal Choice

Working on dreams is not only a nice memory for me, as I met my husband and my divine life partner in a group dream interpretation session, but also my contact with the impressive, completely different, and almost magical contents of my personality.

By dream interpretation, a person can gain a lot:

• Deeper understanding of the hidden parts of their personality

• Dealing with events in their lives, making corrections, and establishing balance

• Considering different scenarios and making new decisions in their life
(topics can be different: breakup, changing a partner, independent living, career change, pregnancy yes or no, moving to another apartment, moving to another country, accepting the role of a mother, improving the quality of intimate relationship or other relationships, etc.)

• Developing and accepting one's own strengths and powers
(creativity, determination, self-confidence, courage, love, self-esteem, etc.)

• Paying attention to the messages of the unconscious, developing the readiness to accept once-understood messages, and developing the courage and willingness to take actions and step out of their previous way of functioning.

I challenge you to relax and establish contact with your unconscious contents unless you have already done so...

And then, once you are ready to learn more about the messages that are the direct recommendations by the Unconscious, your best friend, you allowed to engage in a detective procedure together with a therapist and solve your favorite mystery – yourself.
Anita Marković