Relationship between psychotherapy and spiritual work

From the very beginning, I have perceived the compatible, intertwining, and complementary relation between the psychotherapeutic process and the spiritual techniques of ThetaHealing and Timeline Healing, yoga, as well as dream analysis. To be honest, at first, I was shy when speaking about it, and deep down I was going through an internal conflict over whether what I feel I should perform as an integrative therapy combining all the knowledge and skills I have mastered should be really used and applied transparently in my work. These were the blockages in my way. I confronted them and discovered what was behind them, and then released them and released them over and over again. I also got huge support and permission from my chief supervisor to indulge myself and live and work what I truly believe in. Finally, I managed to breathe a new life into my new professional self that is what it is including all its integral parts. Only then could I feel I am complete in a professional sense.

In a psychotherapeutic process, people explore themselves and their personalities. For example, from the point of view of transactional analysis, they are introduced to their own scripts or life scenarios according to which they live unconsciously. Through this work, they become familiar with (and certainly more aware of) negative and outdated patterns of feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. The work implies not only uncovering these contents but also dealing with them and making new decisions that can improve the quality of life at the present moment. In this sense, transactional analysis can teach a person to identify these unconscious patterns and to consciously replace them with others which are more productive, thereby increasing the quality of awareness, spontaneity, and intimacy in their life.

At this level, both approaches do the same – they detect negative programming matrices. A difference can be found in the depth of changes, since spiritual techniques, in addition to this basic level related to what is happening to us in this life, go much further and deeper, entering past lives, ancestral lives, and even those levels related to the origin of the soul, and the contents consciously chosen by the soul in the higher dimensions of existence before deciding to continue its spiritual journey here in the material universe.

From my personal experience, I can conclude that both methods, as I will call them, or both approaches, are compatible. Transactional analysis, as a psychotherapeutic modality, is an excellent tool that is of great help in practices ensuring the quality of conscious life here and now. On the other hand, ThetaHealing or Timeline Healing, as spiritual methods, allows for the removal of energetic blockages as well as for consciousness expansion on a spiritual level.
Anita Marković