How to incubate dreams?

It is important to discover the richness of the night. Personal motivation is crucial.
Only ready minds can receive gifts in the form of dreams.
For me, a dream is an inspiration and helps me solve my problems/dilemmas, insights.
Dreams provide an opportunity to solve personal or professional problems we are currently preoccupied with by using the issue incubation method.

The following three steps need to be followed for the issue incubation technique:

• Below the daily notes in your journal, write down five or ten lines about the problem which you want to solve and understand better with the help of dreams.
Focus on the strongest feelings associated with the problem.

In a separate line, write one sentence that will present the problem or issue, exactly and clearly stating what you want to find out.
The focus is achieved by choosing one issue only.

Fall asleep by repeating the sentence or simply thinking about your issue or problem. If your mind begins to wander, regain your focus by repeating the sentence. While repeating the issue or focusing on it, you should actively feel the desire to learn something new, which will help you emerge from difficulties.

It is important to write down everything you remember when you wake up.
You can recall the entire dream, a part of the dream, a song, a title, or a verse.
Whatever you remember can be an important key to solving the problem.
Anita Marković