November 9, 2019
Harmonizing yourself with the course of your life

When we allow ourselves to be involved in our lives and in harmony with ourselves, we can feel that the direction of our actions or movements through life is the right one that is important for us to keep moving along.

If in doubt, we can pause and check, relying on our intuition, whether we are moving along a way that will affect our personal well-being. It is important to know what to pay attention to when we have already stopped to think – how much the path we take affects the expansion of consciousness in relation to ourselves and in relation to others.

When we have listened well to all of that, let's take a look at our new view on life – whether it is still a struggle, sacrifice, and torture, or it is becoming bright, full of unknown adventures and good sensations. Hence, our hearts and soul will know what to do – whether to keep going or change the direction of movement.
Anita Marković